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Raise money, do good and bring new ideas into the classroom!
Educational, enterprising and easy fundraising 

The bottom line in any fundraising drive is maximising the amount of money you can make. Here is a way that is fun, educational and gives children the chance to participate and join a wider community of schools in the UK and Uganda.


We sell ethically sourced, organic and hand roasted Ugandan coffee to schools, charities and community groups. Our goal is to help you raise funds whilst supporting the Seeds for Development farming communities in northern Uganda.

Why coffee


It’s profitable:          You choose the price you sell at.

It’s repeatable:        Selling tea-towels and aprons is great, but you buy one and it lasts for years.
                                 You can sell coffee at events and in school - over and over again.

It’s educational:      Children learn about business, geography, citizenship and more.

It’s all year round:   You can change the label for every occasion.

It doesn’t go off:      Coffee stays fresh for months.  Cakes and biscuits are delicious, but if you don’t sell them all on                                       the day what happens? 

It’s novel:                 Selling your own school coffee is a new and fun way of raising funds.


Why our coffee


Resources:           We have photos, videos and information for you to use in class with the children.

Transparency:      We are open about our pricing and business model.

Traceability:          We work directly with farmers in Uganda. We know where our coffee has come from.

Trust:                     Our enterprise is built on trust, between us, you, the farmers and everyone in-between.

It’s easy:               A simple e-mail is all it takes to get you on your way.

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