West Nile Arabica


High in the hills above a small town called Nebbi in the West Nile region of northern Uganda something is happening, something so exciting that it can’t stay hidden from the world.


Thousands of smallholder farmers are growing the most delicious organic Arabica coffee, and we are drinking it - bringing it directly from the farm to our cups!


The farmers are receiving seeds from Seeds for Development and we are working to accelerate their move from subsistence to commercial farming with coffee.  At the moment they sell their coffee at the farm gate for a very low price.  They are working hard to pull together and go to market collectively for a better price.  We have bought our first coffee from them and are now working out how to bring it back in containers to sell to you on their behalf directly from their farms.


The coffee is absolutely delicious.



Amuru Robusta


In 2011 we planted 30,000 seeds in Timothy's nursery at his Kasenge-Riverford Organic centre and in the spring of 2012 transported the up to the farmers in the north.  Each of the 286 farmers involved planted 200 seedlings on half an acre of land.


Here are photos of our coffee from the first seedlings emerging to today.  


The first crop is ready to harvest and the farmers are busy learning how to pick the ripe cherries.

The farmers have never grown coffee before, so everything is new. This is both good and bad for us!  Bad because they don't know what to do, good because it means they can learn the best way to do everything.