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Alison Halll
Alison Hall
Founder, Seeds for Development
bringing you the coffee

I'm Alison Hall and I'm from Guildford in the south of England.


In 2007 I started a charity called Seeds for Development, working with Ugandan farmers helping them to kick poverty out of their lives through farming.  


In 2011 I dreamed about how wonderful it would be if my morning coffee had been grown by the farmers we support through the charity.  My background is in marketing and I used to work for IBM before leaving to concentrate on making that dream a reality.

Roselyn Okello
Rosalyn Okello
Operations Director Uganda 
growing the coffee


I'm Roselyn Okello and I'm from Lira in the north of Uganda.


I work for the NGO Send a Cow Uganda spending my days with farmers across the region helping them build a better life for themselves after the war which destroyed our lives and homes for over 20 years.


We have been through a hard time and must develop ourselves to build a better future.  This coffee enterprise will allow people to become self-sustainable today and in the future.

Paul Clarke
Paul Clarke
Pop-Up-Foundation Director
bringing you the coffee

I'm Paul Clarke and I'm from Todmorden in the north of England.


I am a professor of Education and work and write books about how we must change how we live in order to preserve our planet for future generations.


I believe that change will come when we learn about and start making small changes in our behaviour.  This enterprise will lead us on a journey of discovery based on coffee which will result in a better world for everything and everyone.

Timothy Njakasi
Timothy Njakasi

Managing Director Uganda 

growing the coffee

I'm TImothy Njakasi and I'm from Mukono in the south of Uganda.


I am a farmer and the Managing Director of The Kasenge-Riverford Organic Agricultural Centre where we teach farmers from around the world on sustainable organic agriculture.


I believe that Uganda is blessed with fertile soils and a beautiful climate. Our coffee is the best and we should be using it to build a country free from malnutrition and poverty. 


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