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It's not just about the growing...​


We care about coffee all the way from the farm to your cup, which is why we work with Graham and Petra at Redber Coffee Roasters in Guildford.


Their company grew from their love of coffee and endless enthusiasm and inquisitiveness to know all about it and where it comes from.


Everything they do is by hand from weighing the green beans into batches of 2kgs, which they hand roast, watching carefully as the beans slowly turn from their grey green raw self into dark richly roasted toasty beans.  Once the beans have cooled they are poured into the waiting packs and then lovingly labelled and sealed, ready to be sent off the same day they were roasted.



Roasted with love and care

Redber Coffee
Petra Suchova
Fabulous Coffee Roaster
Redber Coffee

I’m Petra Suchova and have been in the UK for over 10 years now,  I am from Slovakia.


After an inspired coffee roasting course in Scotland, Graham and I started a coffee roasting business in 2012. My background is in Finance and am now enjoying the challenges of growing a young coffee roasting business in Guildford.


In July 2013 we took the opportunity to work together with Alison on her Ugandan project and we are proud to be a part of this great venture.

Graham Jones
Fabulous Coffee Roaster
Redber Coffee

I’m Graham Jones and moved to the UK more than 12  years ago. I am from South Africa and am the Managing Director of Redber Coffee Roasters.


My background has been in consulting and business startups. I am now enjoying making and drinking a variety of fresh roasted coffee every day.


Our mission is get the nation off instant coffee and enjoying the great difference of fresh roasted coffee.


Working with Seeds for Development gives us the chance to do this and bring coffee farmers and coffee drinkers closer together.


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