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The purpose of our coffee enterprise is to benefit both the communities who grow the coffee and those that buy it

Starting with 50p from every pack sold (this will increase), our Ugandan projects are with the farming community growing the Robusta coffee.  They face the biggest challenges, having spent 20 years living in camps for displaced people during the war with the Lords Resistance Army.  During those two decades, they were unable to farm or send their children to school. They could only look on as the war raged around them destroying their homes, lives and livelihoods.  


Our primary focus is on educating farmers on how to improve their lives with basic skills (like washing your hands), increasing crop yields (growing enough to be able to sell the surplus) and to help schools and communities provide food for children during the day.

The community is stuck in poverty

Despite the war being over for more than 10 years, the community is still really struggling to return to normal and rebuild their lives.


Their homes consist of a few huts. There are no toilets or washing facilities and they struggle to earn as little as 20p a day by fetching water.


We work with our existing farmers to extend the knowledge and skills out to the wider community through our school and education centre.


Demonstration homes, compounds, toilets and washing up areas will be built within the school. Gardens and vegetable beds will be created and parents invited to the school to learn to prosper.


Parents will come to school, see what can be done and learn new skills.

Our new school - Vision Hope

This is by far the most ambitious project ever!


Many schools were destroyed and deserted during the war.  Now communities are struggling to bring back a good level of education, care for the chidlren and provide for them.

We have built a mud hut nursery school that educates 354 of the youngest children in Lamogi sub-county.

Our goal is to build a nursery school and education centre that will serve the community for generations to come.


School dinners

In northern Uganda, most children do not eat during the day.


Parents cannot afford to pay for school lunch and schools are unable to provide food for the children.


​This results in poor results, lack of concentration, absenteeism and - worst of all - girls being paid a few pennies to buy food by having sex.


We feed more than 400 children a day at our Vision Hope Nursery School and are working with their parents to grow the crops to supply the school with enough food to feed the children and bring in much needed income to the farmers.


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