Here are some videos about our story and to help you learn about growing coffee.

In the beginning

Getting ready to plant the coffee

Shade is very important

John from Kyagalayni Coffee explains the importance of shade for your coffee​


Having cows to plough is a luxury, normally they clear their land with hand hoes.


Farmer Patrick explains how to measure the gaps between planting coffee plants.

Weeding and caring

John from Kyagalayni Coffee shares top tips on caring for your coffee plot.


Why we do this.  These children need feeding properly.


John from Kyagalayni Coffee explains how to prepare your land for planting​


John from Kyagalayni Coffee gives expert advice on mulching.

Driving to the farm

Some of the coffee farmers are in the middle of nowhere!  See what our journey is like!

2020: Happy Coffee Bean - organic, ethical, hand-roasted coffee grown by farmers in Uganda :  No beans were harmed in the making of this website

We have cookies (yum) here - we don't really know what this means but we have to tell you, then you decide whether to stay or leave.  Please stay, you could grab a coffee and cookie first!


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