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We had similar goals and aims - making the world a better place for everyone and everything. 
So we came together to make them happen.
Seeds for Development
Happy Coffee Bean is a Seeds for Development project.  
Seeds for Development raised the money for 30,000 coffee seeds and worked with 286 farmers on a pilot to see if Robusta coffee can be grown on a commercial scale, by small holder farmers in northern Uganda.  
It can.

We also support 200 farmers in the West Nile Region as they work to supplying their amazing coffee direct to consumers around the world. 

We care about coffee all the way from the farm to your cup, which is why we work with Redber Coffee Roasters in Guildford.

Their company grew from their love of coffee and endless enthusiasm and inquisitiveness to know all about it and where it comes from.

We met Graham and Petra in our search to find ethical Ugandan coffee.  Seeds for Development is proud to be supported by Redber, who make a donation to Seeds for Development with every pack of Bukonzo they sell!

Kasenge-Riverford Logo
The coffee seeds were planted at the Kasenge-Riverford Organic Centre near Mukono in the south of Uganda.


Managing Director Timothy Njakasi is one of our best friends, helping us with top tips on how we can make our coffee the happiest and most excellent.

Timothy is one of the best organic farmers in Uganda and trains our farmers both at his Education Centre and out in the field.

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